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The morning smoothie

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

The morning smoothie is part of my morning ritual. I'll speak more about the morning ritual at a later stage. The morning smoothie is a healthy and nutritious, vitamin packed powerhouse. I normally have it around 10am (having nothing but plain or warm lemon water earlier in the morning). It will settle my hunger feeling and now most importantly, it won't make me feel tired but leaves me energized for the next hours. What's inside:

  • Ice

  • One avocado (approx. 300cal)

  • One banana (approx. 100cal)

  • One scoop of protein powder (approx. 60cal)

  • 200ml non dairy milk - I prefer Coconut milk (approx. 50cal)

  • Broccoli and spinach, as much as you can fit into the shaker (approx. 50cal)

I put all of that into the smoothie maker and here you go with the end result:

Another kind of Guinness. I hope the beer company won't kill me for using their glass for something so healthy and yummy.

A tip on blending - wait a little for the ice to melt in case the smoothie gets too thick so the blender knife is spinning. It also helps to push the ingredients down by hand (not when the blender is running!) to assist. You'll be tempted to insert more milk, however it's normally not necessary. If nothing helps then top it up with some water instead of milk to make it smoother.

On days where I did not do any exercise I would split the smoothie into three parts. 2/3 for the morning, and 1/3 for the evening. I would only have one meal in between, around 5-6pm. On days where I do exercise (min 1hr, or min 800cal) I have as much as my body wants (take some time, around 30min) and the rest I use throughout the day.

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