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Clearing off your mental desk

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Imagine you’re in your kitchen trying to cook something. Last nights’ dishing are still dirty in the sink, and the milk is expired and the vegetables are rotting away. Pretty messy no?

Or, imagine your work desk full of papers and various projects, pretty much a mess.

This also happens to our minds. We have something like a “mental clutter" in our heads. Tens if not hundreds of thoughts race through our mind throughout the day, some conscious, many unconsciously.

The same way how it’s difficult to work efficiently if your desk is messy, or the kitchen is dirty, it’s also hard to work in a productive way if your mind is cluttered with all sorts of different thoughts.

So, let’s begin our journey together with trying to better understand what’s going on in your head. Let’s clear up our mental clutter. Take out a piece of paper, or your journal, and write down all the things you’re worried about, think about, etc. Do that for 15 minutes, and do it now. (Don’t move to the next paragraph until you’ve done this).

How did you do? I trust there are a lot of thoughts you’ve noticed and taken note off.

Next, go through the list and put a checkmark next to everything that is outside of your control, and a star next to everything that is inside of your control. Then take all the items with stars, pick the most important ones (no more than 10), put them on a fresh page in your journal, or another piece of paper, and put them in priority. Over the next 90 days we’re going to work on that list.

As to the items that you put a checkmark next to, consciously let go of these items in your mind (we’ll work on that over the next few days).

When you’re done, you’ll have released the things that are outside of your control or not critically important, and you’ll have a fresh list of the most important things that you have control over.

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