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Personal Productivity

Personal productivity is all about getting the results that you want.

When you get the results that you want, then you are productive. And you feel great and successful.

If you don't get the results that you want, then you are not productive. And you probably don't feel great or being successful.

Sounds easy, doesn't it? And still so many of us struggle to get what we want. Why is that?

They key to this question is really about how we use our energy. Think of our energy for a moment like a battery. At night while we sleep we recharge, and in the morning we start using it. Fact is we all have limits to the energy we can expend every day. So if we use this limited energy to work on what we want, we will eventually get there. If we use the energy for things that we think we want, but we actually don't really want, then we will not get what we want. Or worse, we do something where we kind of know we don't want, nevertheless we do it (think of drugs, alcohol, watching social media, etc). Sounds familiar?

In the upcoming blog posts I'll dive into negative behavioural patterns that rob us of energy. Then we'll look into installing new habits that will give your entire system an upgrade. You'll use your energy more wisely and you'll be left with an amazing feeling of renewal and success to tackle your big goals in life!

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