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Power Breaks

During a typical day we take breaks to recharge ourselves. However, our breaks are normally not a very efficient way to recharge our minds.

What we usually do during a break is zone out, we let go, we let our mind drift. They give our mind a rest, but these things are just mildly refreshing for the mind. So today, instead of just taking a break, take a power break.

A power break is a lot more relaxing and energizing. During a power break you'd command your mind to actively focus on just one thing, one sensation, one object of attention and actively let go of thoughts as they come. Basically, you'd be doing PQ Reps* throughout the break. That power break is a mental workout rather than a mental time off and the effect is deeply recharging and energizing.

So if you're walking, just pay attention to sensations of your feet hitting the ground for a minute or, to hearing all the sounds for another minute. If you're listening to music, instead of zoning out and drifting away with the music, zone in laser focused on one instrument for example, and actively let go of thoughts as they come.

Or if you're taking a coffee or tea break, close your eyes and really feel the warmth of the cup in your hand and the sip in your mouth and actively let go of thoughts as they come. A power break is very active, you're actively commanding your mind to have one single focus and let go of thoughts as they keep coming.

Since this charges up the PQ brain*, you will notice much deeper relaxation and rejuvenation than if you had just taken a regular break and let your mind drift, or zone out. And in addition to that, you might have moments during the power break when the wisdom of your Sage* bubbles up and you gain sudden clarity about the problem or issue you're trying to solve.

This happens because the power break quiets the business of your saboteur mind chatter* so you can hear the whisper of your sages wisdom which has become activated with PQ reps. So give that a try when you take a break today. Make it a power break.

To learn more about the PQ mental fitness program, please see my blog posts here:

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