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Eliminating Energy Robbers

It's powerful to look at your life and find the things that rob you of energy.

In the context of your personal productivity we refer to energy robbers as those kind of activities or also people that, well, rob us of energy. We can, no we must, say NO to those activities and spend less time with people that cost us energy.

Like mechanics tune a car for optimal performance, you also want to fine tune yourself. A mechanic would look for areas that cause drag in a car, and so should we tune ourselves for areas that hold us back.

There are plenty of energy robbers, such as interruptions by mobile phones. Often however energy robbers can be hiding. Like not looking at your financial situation at least every month. If you have no control over your Finances you might worry over money for no reason. So when you go and buy something, you might worry and that costs you energy. Or watching excessive (negative) news which will cause you again to worry (and rarely can you do something about it).

Identifying YOUR energy robbers will help you eliminating them. So self-diagnose. Get some quiet time without any interruptions. Take three long breaths. And let the creative juices flow. Get a piece of paper and take notes.

Next, apply the Pareto principle. The 80/20 rule. Find 20% of your energy robbers, that suck out 80% of your energy. Put a plan in place how you can eliminate them.

Secret tip: if you can't stay away from your mobile phones (you're not the only one!), some very innovative people have created the Kitchen Safe. It's a container with a time lock on it. When you want to be really creative, put all your energy robbers into the safe, and lock them away. It will do you wonders! You can buy your own container here (link to come).

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