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Getting out of the Grey Zone

Most of us, most of the time, mix together different things. The grey zone is a mental state where we are not present and focused on the task we are completing.

Let's say you have a great family, and you also have a great job. The work is intense, and you've become a certified workaholic. When you're with your family, you're thinking about work. And when you're at work, you are thinking about how you should spend more time with your family.

This is the grey zone. You can't be fully present at work, and you can't be fully present with your family.

The tragedy with the grey zone is even though you mean to do well in BOTH areas, you end up doing poorly in both.... because your focus isn't clean. You're probably only at 50% of the efficiency that could be.

How to get out of the grey zone?

We answer this question in a future post. However for now, put on a piece of paper moments you remember when YOU drifted into the grey zone. For today, monitor yourself carefully. Try to catch yourself when you've drifted off into the grey zone. Write it into your journal or on a piece of paper. We'll discuss them at a later stage.

This is post 3 in the Wake Up Productive Series. See the full series here.

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