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Completing loose ends

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

What this blog post is about:

  • Things that are incomplete in our lives - loose ends - rob us of energy

  • When we let go of these things we will feel a weight being lifted from our should

  • Our energy levels will increase dramatically

  • It will also give us a chance to revisit our desires and dreams

So what I recently discovered was that the things that are incomplete in our lives, can impact us emotionally and reduce the energy levels we show every day. They burden us, it's a weight on our shoulders we carry around with us.

Things are basically incomplete, or "loose ends", when they impacted us negatively, we haven't let go of the issue or matter. This can be fairly obvious, such as a disagreement with your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend that you carry around you all day. You won't be your best self that day. However it also can be something that you've wanted to do for a long time, but you never came around doing, and kept postponing it. Let's say you admire acting and you always wanted to participate in a play. Until you've signed up for an acting course and actually participated, it will roam around in the back of your head and you won't let go until you've actually done it. Maybe it's something simpler, like mowing the lawn. And you give yourself a hard time that you haven't done it yet.

Experience tells me that once a thought has reached my mind, it's impossible to let go of it. However we often make it so hard for ourselves. Instead of just going out and doing it, we come up with all sorts of excuses why we shouldn't do it. The chance that doing it has a significant impact to you is fairly slim, we often think ways to grand about ourselves. Participating in an acting class won't make you the next blockbuster superstar, nor will the entire town come and see you. So there's no need to be shy or afraid of that.

So completing loose end is really an exercise of getting rid of everything that's incomplete in our lives. For some of us this can be a difficult exercise as we need to be very honest with ourselves. Often our ego will get into the way telling us that what we keep on thinking about isn't really incomplete or a loose end. Often we wait for revenge or payback. Think about it for a moment, does that harm you more than what you'll potentially gain from it?

So, whatever we carry around with us and it occupies our thoughts, either do it, or let it go. If you can't let it go, then you either must do it, or if you think it's really absolutely impossible, then get a coach or therapist to discuss that feeling and the potential impact.

So, let go, and feel free!

This is post 2 from the series "Wake Up Productive". Please assure you read post 1.

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