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Accept your Imperfections!

Do you have the need to be perfect?

Do you feel the need to perform to extremely high standards?

Do you hold others accountable for failing to meet your high standards or be what you consider "perfect"?

Whilst there is some attractiveness to beautiful and seemingly perfect things, nature shows us in many ways the beauty of imperfection.

None of us is really perfect. Some of us are really good at what we do, however even then, by comparing ourselves to others, we'll see lack and push even higher and more, never being able to satisfy our own standards, and never allowing others to meet what we consider "good enough".

So, let's look into this in more detail. Your imperfections are really of two categories - one, there are good qualities that one person or another might have, which you don't have, ranging from physical attributes, to talents and skills, to possessions. Two, you have saboteurs - the hypothetically perfect human looked like Audrey Hepburn or Cary Grant, composed music like Johann Sebastian Bach, invent like Thomas Edison, lead like Nelson Mandela, heal like Mother Teresa, and so on.

If that ideal human would get 100 points, any of these people would each get less than 10 points in comparison, and each of us would just get a few points. As bizarre and futile as it sounds, most of us are constantly beating ourselves down for not being that ideal perfect self. This drains our energy, and prevents us from bringing forward the gifts that we actually uniquely capable of bringing into this world.

Your personality and spirit is as unique as your finger prints, it's the essence character that shined in you as a child. Our greatest gift to the world is to allow that being to shine as often as you can.

Today, accept yourself fully and completely. You are perfect in your imperfections. Even your saboteurs are part of your perfect story. As you notice your imperfections today, have compassion, smile, have a sense of humour about it all. Rather than fighting and resisting who you are, just be who you are today. Be comfortable in your own skin.

Accept, embrace, love who you are.

Paradoxically, this frees up energy to make yourself just a little less imperfect.

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