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The 5 Sage Powers

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Alright, let's call them Super Powers. I guarantee you that you won't regret reading any further.

Let's talk about perspective first. Everything in life is about perspective. For some a rainy day might be depressing, for others it's a day of relaxing and deep rejuvenation where they are finally able to read a book or do something creative.

The Sage Perspective is all about accepting what is, rather than denying, rejecting, or resenting what is. The Sage Perspective accepts every outcome and circumstance as a gift and opportunity.

Listen this this inspiring story of the Chinese farmer that demonstrate this perspective. Told by Alan Watts:

Alright, now that we understand what the Sage perspective is, I'd like to give a quick high level overview of the 5 Sage powers:

  1. Empathy

  2. Explore

  3. Innovate

  4. Navigate

  5. Activate


The most well known, but also the hardest power to develop. Empathizing is about feeling and showing appreciation, compassion and forgiveness. In order to show empathy for others, we first need to develop empathy for ourselves. And having spent a lifetime telling ourselves "no pain, no gain", changing perspective is really hard. You can develop empathy for yourself by falling in love with your younger self. The young child you were at the age of 5 or 6. You choose. Look at yourself, visualize a happy day in your childhood, and feel. When you feel the positive emotions coming up, then you feel Empathy.


A very powerful Sage power. You can relate to this by remembering holiday experiences. When you experience something new, which we normally do during travels, powerful processes in your brain happen and that's why you feel good taking a vacation. Now imagine having access to this feeling every day.

One way to have this in your normal life is to put yourself into the role of a researcher or explorer who's discovering something new (in your usual environment). When you walk, slow down and consciously notice something in the environment you haven't noticed before. Then really become curious about this one thing. See the colors, the forms, the surface, etc. You get it right? This might take a bit of practice. Try this for a few days and see if you can get the feeling you'd normally only get when visiting a new place.


The Explore power is about discovering what is, the Innovate power is about discovering what isn't. This one takes some serious practice, but once mastered, your world will change. Two key components are required here - you need to be able to slow down, and then you ask yourself the question - "What's a whole new way of doing this"?

This can be about small matters, like, how could I change certain routines in my life (i.e. sleep one hour earlier, see what comes up), to making major changes, like, how can I make the same amount of income a month by spending half the time being at work.

It's in my views the most difficult Sage power, as a lot of resistance will come from within you (why things cannot change). Take the assessment here to become aware of what causes resistance to change within you.


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