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I did an interesting exercise yesterday. One of my coaches asked me to write down what other people appreciate about me.

I was stuck for a moment. I didn't know. I kind of guessed, I had some thoughts, however, I didn't know what other people appreciate about me. Every day I'm trying to provide value to others and I'm being motivated by the desire that I can have a positive impact and contribution to others. However, for a moment, I was numb. Do others appreciate what I do? Or do they appreciate something else which I am unaware of?

So I went out and asked. And the responses I got were amazing. They were so beyond my own imagination. And many so different to what I expected. And I admit, it felt good. It felt actually fantastic.

So, give yourself some love today. Reach out to your friends, relatives, people you think know you. Ask them. Ask them what they appreciate about you. Suck in their love, and for once, indulge in the enjoyment of feeling good about yourself!

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