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Consult your Wiser Elder Self

Try this technique today for a powerful new way to look at your daily challenge(s).

Consulting your Wiser Elder Self is part of the Navigate powers that I use in the PQ Positive Intelligence program (click HERE for all details).

The Navigate power is about being guided by a deeper inner compass of your values, meaning and purpose. We can use this technique by "flashing forward", asking how we would view today at the end of our life looking back. And in order to do that, you guessed right, we consult our Wiser Elder Self.

The Wiser Elder Self is yourself at the end of your life - full of experience, wisdom, intellect - who is able to guide you through your day today.

This exercise is so powerful because we are often led by concerns that feel important today in this very moment, but appear trivial at the end of our life. Looking back from that vantage point, we can clearly see that the issues aren't as big as we are making them.

So let's say you are having a disagreement with your work colleague or partner - the advice we will often give ourselves when we consult our wiser elder selves is to pay more attention to the interpersonal relationship, and be more forgiving and flexible to the matter itself.

Try it for yourself, and see how it makes you feel. Let me know in the comments section please :).

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