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Exponential Circles

How are you being inspired? If connecting to powerful peers gets you energized, joining one of my exponential circles could be the right thing for you.

During one of my last sailing trips I received a very nice compliment from one of the participants.

See, the challenge in putting together a group of people to sail for a week together, is to make sure that at the end of the trip, we become friends, and not enemies. Putting together 7 or 8 strangers on a boat, and within a few hours leave port and sail across a large body of sea, has potential to go terribly wrong.

So one day a participant, a recently retired C-Suite level manager of a multinational company, came to me and said: "Matthias, you have a great talent of bringing together like minded people".

I was first surprised, then a bit flattered, and ultimately I was joyful and proud. For me this was just normal, whilst I started to realize, that for many this wasn't the case.

So I decided to open myself up to building an exponential community. Would you like to be part of it? Would you like to surround yourself by the best peers?

There is only one rule:

You should be a little bit in awe of us, and we should be a little bit in awe of you.

If you feel like becoming part of a powerful group of leaders, and have something we can be in awe of, please email me here - or call/text/whatsapp +43 670 7739050.

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