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Achieve the life you were meant to live by harnessing the power of self-creation. It’s not just about what you’re doing, but who you are being.


My Role

In my work, I help you first and foremost figuring things out. Intellectually and emotionally. Why have some actions in your life worked, and others not. We look at your values, what is important for you, and what you rather let go. Then I help you take the right steps into the direction you want to go. 

A coach is not a therapist. A therapist digs deep into your past. A coach looks mainly at the present and the future. As your coach I'll help you write the next chapter of your life, and I'll walk the walk with you. I'll be at your side when you face obstacles and I'll help you face them.

In my work I've helped with the following life challenges:

  • Overcome fears/anxiety to take action

  • Becoming emotionally sensitive

  • Anger

  • Giving you clarity in the process

  • Relationships/Dating/Divorce

  • Igniting life adventures

What my clients say about working with me

Sigrid E.

You know what, you could not have given me a better advice… the clarity I got from our session enabled me to focus on what really matters to me

Nina H.

Great mentoring & coaching experience with Matthias as I followed the Positive Intelligence 6 week training with him. Highly recommended and a program that brings deep transformation. Matthias is always available, a great listener and very intuitive to create the ideal environment to share and feel supported. Thank you so much for this impactful experience

Philipp R.

Matthias is an absolute coaching asset. I have approached him for professional coaching and specifically to increase my energy level and resilience. Matthias is a credible coach in my view as he has held leadership positions himself and thus can understand some of the challenges I face day-to-day. I appreciate his sharp analytical and empathizing mindset and I am very happy to continue working with him.

Exponential Circles
Exponential Circles
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“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare

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