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The Making Of The Atomic Bomb Ebook Download [Latest] 2022




This wonderful book looks at the construction, testing, and uses of the first generation of nuclear weapons. For those interested in nuclear history, this is a must have. It is beautifully written and contains many superb photographs. It is a little pricey, but worth the investment. **Nuclear Heritage** By Paul H. Kratzer Author Information Paul H. Kratzer has published numerous articles on the history of the nuclear weapons programs, and has written many books including "The Right Stuff," "The Atomic Scientists," and "Exploding the Myths." He is an editorial board member of the Journal of Contemporary History, has been a consultant to the United States Department of Energy, and is the co-founder of the National Consortium for Nuclear Studies. **Nuclear Science** By Dennis L. Meadows Dennis L. Meadows, Professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies at the University of Massachusetts, is a Pulitzer Prize-winning environmental journalist. He is the author of "Down to Earth," a history of the environment, "The Limits to Growth," and the founding co-editor of the book series "Endangered World," all published by Chelsea Green. **The Great Betrayal** By Robert M. Lockwood Robert M. Lockwood has been a physicist since 1947. He has written more than a dozen books about science, science history, and science fiction. His most recent works include the two-volume "Robert Serber's Los Alamos, New Mexico: The Years of Atomic Discovery," and "Hidden in Light: Science and the Manned Spacecraft Program, the Final Report of the NASA Historical Advisory Committee." His reviews have appeared in the journals "Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A," and "Reviews of Modern Physics." **The Real Pandora's Box: The Nuclear Warheads of the Soviet Union** By G. M. Gilbert G. M. Gilbert has been a professor of philosophy at Utah State University and writer on the history of nuclear weapons. He is the author of "Nuclear Madness" and co-author of "Nuclear War: When Do We Fight It?" He served as a member of the National Research Council panel that reported on the dangers of the hydrogen bomb. **Perception & Reality: The Rise of the Image** By Robert K. Merton Robert K




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The Making Of The Atomic Bomb Ebook Download [Latest] 2022

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